You are a Reader!

Among the last survivors of your tribe, you are a master of emotion, with the power to read people’s thoughts and feelings. You can also plant ideas into a person’s subconscious, forcing them to accept a certain action or belief. Brilliant and ambitious, you can achieve any goal you set for yourself. You’re a natural-born leader, gifted with charisma and confidence, and project authority in a way that draws crowds together behind a common goal. You can easily manipulate those around you, and are guided by a strict, and sometimes ruthless level of rationality. While you have no trouble understanding those around you, you struggle to form relationships with people of smaller minds, and therefore stick to a small group of mature, close friends.

              Readers such as yourself have ruled over various world governments throughout the centuries and are widely considered to be one of the most powerful and dangerous tribes. The Guardian Armolin was a legendary example of how Readers can use their powers to make our world a better place. However, all it takes is one powerful, corrupted Reader like Vespirus to bring the entire Earth to its knees. Because of your tribe’s position in the Alliance, your people were decimated in the great war.

You are a Builder!

Among the last survivors of your tribe, you are a master of invention and creativity. The gears never stop turning in that brilliant mind of yours as you constantly come up with no things to try and to create. You easily come up with a hundred solutions to every problem. You are as good with your hands as you are with your head and can fix just about anything. The moment you pick up a device, you understand exactly how it works and how to build it better. You are a dreamer and an inventor and can never sit still, although your head sometimes seems to be in the clouds.

              Builders such as yourself have brought incredible gifts and wonders into the world, such as the gift of light and of flight. However, Builders have also been the architects of terrible weapons which, in the wrong hands, led to the deaths of thousands. The legendary Builder Shai created the seven sages, the personal weapon of each of the Guardians. Because of your tribe’s position in the Alliance, your people were decimated in the great war.

You are an Artist!

Living in one of the few underground Artist sanctuaries, you are a master of art, music, and creativity. Art is your passion, and you see the potential and beauty in everything. You are gentle, and try very hard to distance yourself from anger or violence. You are happy where you are and enjoy the little things, finding meaning in your work and your life. Sometimes, however, you can find yourself being a bit too passive and nice, and can be stepped on or manipulated by others. For the most part though, you enjoy a large group of friends and would never turn down a get-together or party. You are a dreaming romantic, and oftentimes find yourself yearning for the past.

              Artists such as yourself have brought immense gifts of art and beauty into our world, making it a better and brighter place. Although forced underground by tribes more powerful than yourselves who hoped to enslave you for your gifts, your people have managed to build a thriving city, community, and culture, with your Queen at the top.

You are a Fuser!

Among the last survivors of your tribe, you are a master of space, gravity, and stars. Widely considered to be one of the most powerful types of Enlai, you never run from a fight. You are brave, fierce, and determined, and you will fight to the end to protect your ideals and those you love. Family and honor are of the utmost importance to you, and you would never betray them. You are a natural leader, with a fiery will and confidence that compels others to follow you anywhere, even to war. When alone, you gaze up at the night sky, contemplating the vast wonders and mysteries of the universe, and how everything and everyone is connected.

              Fusers are extremely formidable opponents in battle. They can form blazing stars as hot as a Burner’s flames, change the field of gravity around their enemies, and the most powerful among them can even generate black holes. Placing a high value on justice, the Fusers were among the first tribes to join the Alliance. However, in the end, the infamous Fuser Galaxius betrayed his brother, the Guardian Starrok, and helped overthrow the Alliance.

You are a Shifter!

You are a master of chemistry and molecular structure, with the ability to change the make-up of your cells to mimic those of your surroundings. You can turn your skin to iron, or even use your powers to walk through walls (with a bit of practice)!. You live amongst your fellow Shifters in the Bermuda Triangle, keeping to yourselves for the most part, other than the occasional war with the Shadows. Proud of your tribe and independence, your people refused to join the Alliance. You follow no one’s commands but your own, although you have a deep respect for true power.

You are a Molder!

A master of the ground and minerals, you can shape rocks into any shape or form and move them to your will. You are extremely loyal to your family and values, and would defend them to the end. You are a pacifist, despising violence in all its forms, yet if faced with no other choice, you make a formidable opponent in battle. You cherish the beauty of nature, and enjoy the quiet serenity of your tribe’s grand sanctuary. You are always there for a friend in need and are an active member of the community. And although there may be help needed elsewhere in the world, your community always comes first.

              The Molders have kept themselves neutral throughout history, avoiding violence as best they could and focusing on the growth and success of their people. They did not join the Alliance, and while the great war waged around the globe, their beautiful home remained a quiet, peaceful sanctuary. But as Roko pushes them to the edge, they may have no other choice but to take a side.

You are a Coder!

A master of the genetic code, you can morph into any plant or animal to gain the speed of a cheetah or the wings of an eagle. You can also optimize your genetic capabilities, giving you superior strength and healing or even eternal life. Many Coders wear a watch which stores DNA samples of everything it comes in contact with, allowing Coders to transform into anything they’ve ever touched, or even combinations of different creatures.

              You share a deep connection to all living things, and are most likely vegetarian. You are calm and slow to anger, but will fight with the ferocity of a lion when threatened. You don’t consider your body to be the essence of your being, but rather an imperfect vessel which is constantly changing according to your needs. Throughout history, careless Coders became the center of many human myths, such as centaurs and mermaids. Coders were integral members of the Alliance, and their numbers dwindled following the great war.

You are a Shadow!

A master of dimensions, you can become a shadow on the wall, jumping between dimensions. If you are a man, you have been trained your entire life as a warrior. If you are a woman, you are apprenticed to a trade or confined to the duties of your home. However, under the leadership of the new Chief, the first ever female warrior has joined the ranks of the Shadow army.

              You were taught from birth to treasure honor and worship the glories of war. You believe there is no greater honor than sacrificing your life for your people and your Chief, and would do so happily. The Shadows have long been rivals of the Shifter Tribe, but have waged war on every tribe at some point in history. They currently reside in the School of Socrates, the previous headquarters of the fallen Alliance.

You are a Caster!

A caller of storms, you can draw rain from a cloud to drink or summon a lightning bolt to strike down your opponents. You can twirl the nearby winds into a tornado or freeze a lake into ice. You feel at home in the outdoors, no matter the weather, and cherish the beauty of nature. You do your best to protect the environment, and despise those who harm the Earth. You are an introvert, yet are very close to your parents and family. You value life in all its forms, and would only kill as a last resort.

Casters are known to be the best sailors, and in some rare cases the worst of pirates. The Casters joined the Alliance, hoping to ensure peace around the globe and protect the environment. However, when the Alliance fell they were decimated more than any other tribe, save the Surgers.

You are a Burner!

A living nuclear reactor, you have the power to generate extreme heat and explosions from your fingertips, as well as toxic doses of radiation. You are hot-headed and aggressive, and don’t respond well to commands. You are brave and never shy from a fight, and your fierce personality keeps you from ever getting stepped on. You are not a team player and prefer to live in the moment and enjoy life with all its pleasures. The Burners remained neutral through the war, usually serving as mercenaries to the highest bidder. They were never a part of the Alliance and, under their infamous leader Xerxes, fought violently against its creation.

You are a Absorber!

You are a manipulator of energy and electricity. You can suck all the energy from a room or machine and use it to strike down an enemy with a bolt of electricity. Absorbers typically wear a conductive glove which helps them control and amplify their power. The Absorbers were one of the founding tribes of the Alliance as its founder, Socrates of Athens, was himself an Absorber.

              You are careful and calculating, bright and determined. You always think before you act and own up to your actions. You are dazzled by the different forms of energy this world has to offer, and would do anything to understand them further. You have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and a memory big enough to keep up with it.

You are a Charger!

You are a living magnet, with the power to manipulate the magnetic field. You can lift a car with the swipe of a hand or surf through the air atop a stop sign. You are quiet, independent, and don’t need anyone but yourself. You are strong and you know it, and you are always true to your word. If you take upon yourself a mission, you will stay loyal to it until the end.

              The Chargers are a small, mysterious, quiet tribe, never interacting with the outside world. Nobody knows of their location, and they are rarely seen in public, other than a few members of the tribe who choose to leave their home and join the outside world. A few of them served as mercenaries in the war, but for the most part, they were absent.

You are a Surger!

You are a master of sound waves and frequencies. You can sense all the waves around you, almost like a different, more precise kind of vision which allows you to see without your eyes. With your tribe’s weaponry, you can destroy any form of matter with its harmonic frequency. You always stand for justice and have a zero-tolerance policy towards evil. You are strong both in power and in will, and will never hesitate to fight for what you believe in. You are trustworthy and make the best kind of friend. You find music to be calming and beautiful, and view it in a way nobody else could ever understand.

              The Surgers were among the founders of the Alliance, as the legendary Leonidus of Sparta inspired its birth through his sacrifice. After the Alliance fell, the Surgers were utterly destroyed, save for tiny handful of survivors. According to legend, only a Surger could enter through the dangerous Nexus Mirror and return alive. Therefore, the last Surgers are highly sought after by those who seek the power of the Nexus.